Mandolins (in the white and kit)

We make white mandolin and mandolin kits, full hand crafted. Below are photos of F model and A model. We also make mandolas and Octave mandolins. Made of flame maple and spruce, good quality.
Buyers need to do final finish to the instruments.

F-Mandolin white and kit US$500
A-Mandolin white and kit US$370
F-Mandola white and kit US$530
F-Octave Mandolin white and kit US$550


我们采用花纹枫木和云杉木手工制作 F 和 A 型曼陀铃,曼陀拉和八度曼陀铃的白茬琴和散件白茬琴。

F-曼陀铃 白茬琴和散件琴 3000元
A-曼陀铃 白茬琴和散件琴 2220元
F-曼陀拉 白茬琴和散件琴 3180元
F-八度曼陀铃 白茬琴和散件琴 3300元



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